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Can you make the map bigger, more space in the rooms, and have more endings, events...

I beat it by

1. not going to my office (I did, once but did nothing)

2. not going to his chamber (instead to 860)

You're only told what to do, nobody is forcing you to actually go ahead and do it. That's the alternate ending.

All comments below this one are about the old, glitchy version of the game that was made in just 2 days, the game doesn't look like that anymore, has a lot more content and all bugs have been fixed.

When I download the game I don't get a zipped folder.  Help?


Oh? What do you get instead?


In SCP - 106 the goal is simple -- escape! The difficulty lies in the fact that Experiment 106 can phase through walls and it's sole purpose is murdering your face. Can I survive with this cheater face chasing me, let's find out...

That was a good hook. 

simple. deadly.

the mouse sensitivity is a bit high, i think. but for a game made in 2 days it is quite good!

Oh, blame my mouse for that one, it's been acting kinda weird in the past few weeks, so when I was adjusting the sensitivity it seemed okay to me lol. But thank you for playing!