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All comments below this one are about the old, glitchy version of the game that was made in just 2 days, the game doesn't look like that anymore, has a lot more content and all bugs have been fixed.

When I download the game I don't get a zipped folder.  Help?


Oh? What do you get instead?


In SCP - 106 the goal is simple -- escape! The difficulty lies in the fact that Experiment 106 can phase through walls and it's sole purpose is murdering your face. Can I survive with this cheater face chasing me, let's find out...

That was a good hook. 

simple. deadly.

the mouse sensitivity is a bit high, i think. but for a game made in 2 days it is quite good!

Oh, blame my mouse for that one, it's been acting kinda weird in the past few weeks, so when I was adjusting the sensitivity it seemed okay to me lol. But thank you for playing!